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Are you adventurous and like to try something new? Then this exciting five-day overland tour to Kaieteur is packed with all the adventure you'll need! It's rugged, wet, wild and filled with exciting challenges plus breathtaking scenery.



2019 Dates For This Tour

January 2020

  • Monday 13th - Friday 17th
  • Monday 20th - Friday 24th
  • Monday 27th - Friday 31st(Feb)

February 2020

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  • Monday 10th - Friday 13th
  • Monday 17th - Friday 20th

​December 2019

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​Please be advised dates are added & taken down according to booking. Changes are made Subject to Weather.





Depart Georgetown by vehicle (Bus or 4x4) 2 Hours comfortable ride along the highwaythe Township Linden (Bauxite Town).From Linden it is a (6) hrs dusty trip on the Mabura hill road. Stop at 58, miles for lunch. From Mabura hill road you will enter the Konawaruk Mountains, where sightings on the road of Curassow, Deer are frequent. Cross on the Ferry (Essequibo River).the road trip continues to the township of Mahdia (Gold & Diamond Town)Here you will change Vehicle to an open back 4x4 for a one hour trail drive to Pamela landing on the Potaro River. The real adventure begins with a 1.1/2, hours boat trip up the Potaro River to Amatuk Fall. Here the water rushes over rocks creating natural Jacuzzi’s over-night at camp Amatuk. (Hammock).Lunch, Dinner



You must change to a another boat above the Amatuk fall to continue your journey, which now enters the Kaieteur Gorge. Steep mountains rise up on either side to heights of 2,000ft Some with bare rock faces looking like ancient temples. (1.hrs Boat)This will bring us to our next Campsite, Waratuk fall. Over-night (Hammock) Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.



After Breakfast, we begin the last leg of the journey. A four hours hike or a 1Hrs Boatride will take us from Waratuk fall to Tukiet, where we overnight.This is a fabulous campsite with Refreshing swimming in the Potaro River and a spectacular view of the Kaieteur gorge. (Hammock) Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.



From Tukeit you will ascend the mountain to the top of Kaieteur fall – (3) hours hike. The Ascent winds it way up the mountain through changing vegetation as the altitude rises. You will pass cool mountain streams where it is impossible to cress without a dip. The final Stage of the climb is known as ‘OH MY GOD’ because of its steep trail. But on reaching the top all is forgotten as you catch your first glimpse of the mighty Kaieteur Falls. At dusk Thousands of swifts gather the sky like dark clouds then plunge into the water of the fall, to their nesting site on the rock face behind the fall. Tonight we sleep at Kaieteur guest House.(Beds or Hammock) Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.



The early morning mist of Kaieteur  gives way to a fantastic view of the fall. From Johnson View that affords frontal vista of the fall. We will try to have a looked at the Cock-Of-The Rock. The golden frog can easily be seen in the giant tank Bromeliads in this area, the frog spends it entire life from tadpole to maturity in the Bromeliad. This afternoon a light aircraft will fly you to Mahdia (3 Hours ground time) & unto Georgetown. (Ogle Airport) Breakfast, lunch.   



What to expect in this Tour Package.

  • Professional Tour Guide
  • Jungle Hiking (Mild to Ruff Terrain)
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snacks
  • Outdoor Camping
  • Trail Driving & Speed Boat Transport
  • Flora, Fauna & Wildlife.

Itinerary Is Subject to change depending on weather.No refund for cancellation 1 week before tour date.


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